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Geldings and colts

Many factors go into the decision to geld a colt rather than leave him intact. We believe that unless a colt shows clear signs of superior conformation and disposition, it should be gelded. A colt that is not likely to produce top quality offspring is not a colt that we will breed or sell as a stallion. Morgan geldings make superior riding and harness horses; their friendly, calm disposition is an essential element of their performance. All our colts will be started in basic ground manners and initial training, assessed for their potential as studs at a young age, gelded if appropriate, and offered for sale to the Morgan-loving world if and when the time is right for them to find a new "forever home."


(Randallane Genesis x Menomin Yankee Delite)
2003 brown half-Lippitt gelding

Buck came to us in much the same way his mother did — from circumstances where there just wasn't time to work with him. At 9 years old, he has had little training and will need daily work to become a riding horse. His disposition is calm and gentle, so we think it won't be long before he catches up to Ray in the training regimen. He is very green, but very smart, friendly, and willing, and we expect to have him under saddle quickly. Our hope is to train him for western pleasure/trail use, but we also intend to test him out for carriage training — because who knows? His rock-steady demeanor might point to a particularly nice, relaxed carriage horse. And he's already shown us in the training ring that he wants to please, even when he's not sure what to do.

Buck's breeding makes him eligible for Foundation status as well as qualifying him as a half-Lippitt. We are currently seeking his registration so that he may be shown in Morgan shows.

Brook Hill Syndication
(Brook Hill Anticipation x Oceanview Integrity's Piper)
2006 bay gelding
Brook Hill Syndication, aka "Stevie," bears a strong resemblance to his grandsire Ryegate Syndicate. He has a sweet, affectionate, and playful personality, and he has the intelligence we've come to expect from Lippitts. He is handled daily and loves people. Stevie won first place in the Lippitt Yearling Colts class at the 2007 Lippitt Country Show in Tunbridge, Vermont. Stevie was gelded in 2008 after our assessment of his progress and other factors led us to the decision that he would develop into a better performance/companion horse as a gelding. He began training in October of 2008 at Photo Finish Stables under the guidance of Robin Cuffey; on her advice, we're training him in dressage, and he reached Training Level 2 as of October 2010. His dressage training is currently on hiatus so he can gain experience on trails. Stevie has been SOLD to Cindy Doyle of Gorham, ME. Congratulations to both of them!

Stevie at Hollis, Robin Cuffey up.
(Photo by E. Platt)

Stevie with his new owner in September 2011
(Photo by E. Platt)

Stevie and Mark, August 2011
(Photo by E. Platt)


Stevie's pedigree is available here:

Stevie's dam can be seen here:

Holy Moly Poseidon
(Bayside Rainman x SSM Bessie Nekomia)


2009 bay colt

"Pete" is the second foal we've bred. The only living offspring of his champion sire, we have high hopes for Pete's development given the nature of his two living brothers (C-My Brother Ray, our five-year-old stallion, and C-My Arno's Reflection, standing at stud in Iowa). At two years of age, he is showing the same solid bone and gentle, relaxed personality that characterize his mother and big brother... and he's smart as a whip. Pete was purchased in May of 2011 as a herd stallion for a Lippitt owner in Groton, New York, and we couldn't be happier. We look forward to seeing Pete's unique genetic heritage passed down through his offspring. June 2012: Peter Clark reports Holy Moly Poseidon is a father! Looking forward to pictures and details.

Video of Pete taken April 3, 2010 is available here.

Holy Moly Poseidon at 11 weeks old
(Photo by E. Platt)
Holy Moly Poseidon at 18 months
(Photo by E. Platt)