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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Comings and goings... well, mostly goings... and a milestone

I haven't had much positive to blog about these last couple of months, but now I want to catch up on the latest momentous doings. First, Bessie has been sold to Crescent Peirce of Randallane Morgans. I'm absolutely thrilled to have found a great home for her where she'll have the best care imaginable and will finally have those beautiful gaits tried out under saddle (and maybe peel off some of the baby fat she's been unable to lose here, because let's face it, the girl needs to drop more than a few pounds!). Pete is, alas, distraught, calling for her nonstop, but that is the way of it. He's five months old and more than ready to be weaned, and he'll be moved into Cameo's paddock starting tomorrow.

Another departure, less to my liking, was Phoenix, who after developing an unfortunate tendency to bully the other dogs finally needed to find a new home through the Animal Refuge League. We tried for six months to make it work, but it went from bad (a dog fight that led to Jo Jo's untimely death in June) to worse (another dog fight that left Bantrywebassets/NatePhoenix.jpg bloodied and badly shaken in September). Posting her on CraigsList netted me a inbox full of spam and emails from people who were clearly not what they pretended to be (at least one "teen girl" was trolling for a dogfighter--I'd rather put the dog down than see that happen to her!). I was heartsick but there was no other way--if Mark hadn't been there to pull her off Bantry, she could have done great damage, and it was clear that living with other dogs was stressful to her (not to mention to them). The boys are already clearly more relaxed without her, and I hope that when she finds her new home, if she hasn't already, then she too will be more comfortable. I specified that she needed to be an only dog and was good with small children, so something tells me she's probably already there. 

But the "milestone" I mentioned is Stevie's first test--he performed his first walk-trot test on Sunday morning, and he did SPECTACULARLY well. Scored a 67% in his second ride, and would have gone higher but for an unfortunate pit stop at the end--surely not his fault, poor baby! His trainer was very pleased, especially given that a baby like him was to be commended just for staying in the ring, never mind performing at that level. He'll be shown again in two weeks, this time at a canter. webassets/091018_Stevie13.jpg

We definitely need to find a regular rider for him. Robyn is happy to show him off right now but the day will come when she isn't able to ride him at all the shows we'd like him to attend, so if we can't find a buyer... and his price just went up!... we need someone who will either ride him on request or lease him for showing. I sure wouldn't be sorry to keep him so I could see how he develops--this result was by far better than any of us expected. 

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