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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Plans, and anxious moments

It appears I'm going to be learning to drive this spring. Mark called me up and told me he and Robyn had discussed the upcoming clinic at Photo Finish with an eye toward having me take the clinic and start learning. I was a little startled, since I'd always assumed Mark would be doing the driving, not me... but... what the heck! I wanted to do it anyway, and with Stevie in training, I have my driving horse up and coming at the same time. In this economy, I'm pretty sure he'll be around for a while!

Anxious moments last night—Lyn called from PA to tell us Cameo had something lodged in her esophagus and wanting to know how far she should go in terms of trying to save her. I had to tell her that if it came down to surgery, they should put Cammy down—I can't afford to put that kind of money into a cross-bred green mare (heck, right now I can't really afford to put it into anybody but Bessie!). When I hung up, I suddenly realized that Cameo and any form of distress was a recipe for trouble—she's a sweet girl but inclined to respond to fear/tension poorly—so poorly, I could see her actually doing bodily harm to her handlers or the vet. I had to call Lyn back and say, for the record, that if Cameo fights their efforts to help her and there's any possibility of danger to a human, I would not be angry if they felt they needed to shoot her for their own safety—but was very relieved when Lyn said that she'd improved even as we were talking and that it looked like whatever she'd swallowed was working its way out. Thank heavens. 

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