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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Winter Wonderland
Snow has arrived at Holy Moly Farm as of yesterday. The five horses who've seen snow before were delighted; snow baths were enjoyed by all the minute they got to their paddocks in the morning (and Bessie enjoyed hers so much, this morning she didn't even wait till she got to the paddock but dropped and rolled right in the driveway!) The only one of our herd who was disconcerted by the white blanket was Ray, who of course has never seen snow on the ground before. There was much pawing, snorting, sniffing, and inspection of this strange stuff--he even considered rolling in it once or twice but leaped back up (after dropping to his knees) when he realized just how C-C-COLD it is. Once in the paddock, however, he started racing around kicking snow everywhere, which got Bess going too, and that got everyone else in a tizzy--quite the sight, to see Titanic and Lusitania (our nicknames for Bess and Maggie) running around their paddocks. I'd never seen Bessie go all out in a fast trot, never mind a canter, so it was instructional. That girl can move, when she wants to!
4:43 pm est 

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